Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence, HR and a future candidate experience.

Chatbots are here. And they’re going to shake up the way organisations recruit talent. But this isn’t futurology, it’s today. It’s next year. It’s…if you don’t start looking into this soon, you will find consumer behaviour has outpaced recruitment behaviour once again.

After Facebook launched the first bots for Facebook Messenger at their F8 Conference in April, the platform now has over 11,000 chatbots in circulation. You can ask CNNwhat the news is, you can check your balance with American Express, flights booked with KLM (check out the video below) and now ask what jobs are out there withJobPal. And with 900 million users on Messenger, Facebook will be keen to grow this offering.

As with anything new, it’s not perfect at the moment. I’ve had various chats with bots and it sometimes felt like the robot equivalent of Joe Hart trying to master the art of shot stopping at the Euros….(g’ah!).

giphy (1)

So the technology won’t become mainstream this year but soon. Will HR be prepared?

Well, there are lots of opportunities that will need to be discussed and tested within the next 24 months. Here are some hypothetical scenarios that could very well become reality:

1. Hello HRbot, can you introduce me to one of your employees?

“Hello! Thanks for popping by. Of course. Here’s a video from John. He’s been with us for 5 years. You can connect with him on LinkedIn too if you like…here you go…”.

Sometimes people aren’t looking for a job. They’re not ready. All they want to do is find out more about the culture of an organisation or just talk to someone in your field. Chatbots will be a great way of surfacing the right content and connections within a few taps.

2. Hello HRbot, have you got any jobs in sales at the moment?

“You’re in luck! We’ve just opened applications for a new sales team in London. Here they are….do you want to register for alerts for sales roles?”

People love a concierge service and bots can bring the right jobs to the job seeker. Imagine a bot even asking a series of questions that help tailor competencies, strengths and values (it happens in online dating…) to the right job.

3. Hello HRbot, I’m doing my online test tomorrow and need to prepare.

“Great! Here are some practice tests….good luck tomorrow!”

Candidates can get quite stressed when it comes to applying for the job of their dreams (especially for people starting out in their career), so to have an immediate response with an always on chatbot can give great piece of mind.

4. Hello HRbot, do you have the results of my final interview?

“Let me take a look…. …. …. a recruiter has been booked in to call you tomorrow at 4pm.”

Recruiters are busy people.  It can often mean not getting back to interviewees in time and then some other recruiter has swooped in. So to have HRbot there could well seal the deal before it’s too late.

5. Hello HRbot, it’s my first day in my new job next month. Do you have any onboarding information?

“We’re looking forward to you joining us! Of course. You can download our onboarding app here….”

A lot of time and effort goes into recruiting the right person, but once the offer has been made, attention from the recruiter can tank. Making sure they have the right information in those important weeks before and after they join can make the difference to a successful career.

These above scenarios will depend a lot on the technology improving and learning over time. And it’s important to ensure it feels more personable than automated. But it is entirely realistic that this will be a mainstream expectation within the next 24 months.

Customers/candidates can be very demanding…they can feel like the only one who needs help. But recruiters are busy. So chatbot HR could seriously help take the strain of these demands and leave HR to focus on other things that are important to their organisation.

So, start looking at the possibilities of chatbots and test this exciting technology.  At our agency, we’re building and testing chatbots to see what they can do! It’s great. Within 24 months, it could be a mainstream expectation and it’d be a shame to miss out.


CES 2016 Tech Trends from Havas + Wired

The Consumer Electronics Show: CES is one of the highlights of the year as it sets out what tech trends will excite and challenge us in 2016. We’re increasingly playing with technology at my agency to see how it can enhance the student, candidate and employee experience.

Our friends at Havas Worldwide were at CES in Vegas earlier this month (lucky things!). Here’s their video.

Exciting times.


NORAD #TrackSanta: An Xmas tradition

Happy 60 years since a mistyped telephone number in an advertisement resulted in NORAD (North American Areospace Defence Command) taking phone calls from kids wanting to know Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve.


60 years on and NORAD continue doing a great job. They now have a solid social media real estate coupled with a track Santa mission control website that brings kids (big and small) into the magical world that is a busy night shift for The Big Man.

This is now as much a Christmas tradition as the mince pie and whiskey pit stop. Lovely to see technology take its rightful place in this tradition. Santa + storytelling + social media is such a great combo for the most magical time of the year.

Thanks for swinging by London, Santa. Happy Christmas! 🙂

Contagious advertising

Create an idea that has sharing at its heart. An idea that’s contagious. That’s what it’s all about, right?

This makes us lot in the ad industry part psychologist. To understand people is to create something that can’t fail to be shared.

I love this video. Anyone for a coffee?