Blog small or blog big?


I have been using Twitter for pretty much a year now. I recall seeing a couple of people from young start ups use it in the Spring of 2008 and wondering what the point of it all was. Nonetheless, I was intrigued enough to sign up (@ChrisLCH) along with a small band of colleagues and began to see how this neat and simple site makes publishers of us all – from a BBC journalist at the Beijing Olympics (@bbcsport_tom), the next British World Number One (@andy_murray), Forrester Research Analyst (@jowyang) to a rather famous US politician (@BarackObama)….all whose tweets I’m interested in.

Twitter is not one thing to everybody and there are many ways it can be used that make posts interesting for followee and follower. For whatever purpose it is used, the one rule that has made it so popular is that you have to log your thoughts in 140 characters or less….easy for people wanting to blog on the fly – often when we have a thought we want to offload it there and then! Great stuff.

What does this mean for the bigger brother blogs out there? I know a number of bloggers who’ve focused less time on their bigger blogs and more on Twitter. Having set up blogs in the past this is really the first proper post I’ve made and I’m wondering if I’ll have the time or patience to write a blog in c300 words rather than 140 characters. I think I’ll stick with Twitter for the day-to-day and pop back to this blog every week or so! Twitter  is the perfect snack between meals!


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