Too busy to blog?

Blogging BardThis is only my third post since setting up this blog in June. I was on holiday then (a beautiful town in the French hills called Cordes where my parents live) and managed two posts in as many days. Good start. I was determined to continue…then I landed back in London and to work for the busy summer season.

I’ve kept my Twitter up – although not as much as I’d like – which shows the convenience of 140 character thoughts…far easier in between the busyness that is life. But the big blog has fallen by the wayside. Now this shouldn’t be the case. Consider the amount of time spent on buses, trains (and waiting for buses and trains!) and I’ve plenty of hours in the week that I currently use reading mediocre free London newspapers. This could be spent getting and giving information whenever I please. I could take my laptop with me, but then I shouldn’t have to. The advances in mobile technology (like many things, thanks to Apple) mean we have mobile devices that allow us to do so much more than make phone calls.

The smarter mobile phones get the better. This means people will be able to consume and produce information more readily at their own convenience. The advances in the internet and mobile technology – and the coming together of the two – find us in information revolution not seen since Gutenburg’s press in the 15th century. It would be interesting to see in a few years time how much we use mobile devices to make phone calls.

I for one will soon be replacing my current mobile phone with a proper mobile device so I can access the internet (not the rubbish excuse for the internet I currently have) anytime I please. Reading and blogging when I would usually have my nose in The Metro. The question is what do I go for – iPhone or Palm Pre…..


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