There’s no place like home on the web

littlesthobogirlst-maybetomorrow_2_107574_brown-yellow-print_mCompanies spend a lot of time and effort developing good (and bad) websites for their customers and potential employees. The one place that is the font of all knowledge on a company and it’s products/jobs. £££ and $$$ are spent on driving people to these sites – all in the hope they’re ringing the right bells to the paying public or that next job applicant.

The social web now means there is no need for companies to settle down. Indeed it’s important to have one place a company can officially call home on the web, but our lives are being made much more interesting by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Person sees ad > person visits website > REPEAT > person buys or applies (eventually)…pretty one dimensional.

Person sees ad > person links to FB fan page or Twitter feed > person stays connected with company > person becomes a loyal customer and/or suitable applicant…that’s more like it.

vitaminwater ran a campaign a while back and must have spent $$$$$$ on advertising. They didn’t push their website…it was all directed to their Facebook Fan Page. They now have over 940,000 fans who are connected with any future messages vitaminwater send (for FREE).

The world is consumed in so many different ways these days…iGoogle is my homepage and I visit Facebook and Twitter daily. I don’t go to information, information comes to me….great stuff. And I reckon I’m not the only person who does this.  Companies (or their agencies) now have the opportunity to take the Littlest Hobo approach. That dog had the right idea…do good deeds from place to place rather than settling down in one town called home. I loved that show… and that catchy tune.


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