Social networking isn’t working…

On FacebookIt seems that more employers than not believe it isn’t at all about working. Results from a survey in the US was released last week saying that over half of Chief Information Officers (1,400 surveyed) had policies prohibiting their employees using social networking sites at work. A much smaller number of CIOs (10%) had policies allowing employees free reign of such sites at work.

As the survey says, this difference will depend on the type of business.  However, it certainly feels that those employers who do give freedom to the web would be regarded as heretics by their counterparts. Social networking is about throwing sheep, pokes and mundane status updates, right? Yes, it’s all of that, but also a lot more.

The communications industry clearly sees stock in the social web’s ability to build brand, reputation and revenues. But all organisations are in the business of communication and rely on their employees being social.

Many employers restrict access to make sure noone is distracted from the job in hand. Instead, organisations could benefit greatly from fully understanding technologies that help people connect, share and learn. The social web is gathering momentum until it gets to the office – shame. Facebook’s mission is to “Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.” Surely pertinent words for any employer.


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