Noughty technology

New Year’s Eve 1999…I was in my final year at university, all computers were about to catch the Y2K bug, I’d just bought my first mobile phone, the internet and email was starting to become part of everyday life, music was bought off the high street, life’s snapshots were taken with a disposable camera and I was welcoming the new millenium in the Peak District.

New Year’s Eve 2009…on my way to St Neots to party with the same folks as 1999 (some things don’t change!) and it’s hard to believe 10 years have passed. Even though many of us (well, certainly me) are still getting used to it being the 21st Century, its first decade has been packed full of technological developments that have worked their way into the fabric of society…

…mobile phones (not the smart kind), USB flash drives, Napster, iPods, Blackberrys, iTunes, broadband, Wikipedia, Myspace, Bebo, Second Life, Google Maps, iGoogle, YouTube, Facebook, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Sky+, BBC iPlayer, netbooks, Flickr, Linkedin, Amazon Kindle, Nintendo Wii, Twitter, iPhones,, Spotify…

…these have all played their part in technology creeping up on us during the decade until we’ve realised technology is playing a more integral part in our lives. The technology itself didn’t just appear come the turn of the century; it’s the way these technologies have become sociable: no longer the play things of gadget addicts, business (wo)men and techno buffs…In the same way Microsoft made computing more accessible to all (Windows), the enterprises behind the developments of the decade have made technology people friendly. So much so that we consume many of these technologies like it was second nature…taking something that exists and making it usable for all.

Surely this means the noughties have been a decade of fantastic innovation and sets things up nicely for the (teenies?). Great stuff. Happy New Year!


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