Addicted to tablets…? We will be.

Apple’s tablet finally came to town during the week in the form of the iPad. Steve Job’s live demo of this shows us a slick piece of kit – as always. He looks at ease sitting in his armchair just flicking through web pages, photos, music, books, videos and films.

There have been grumblings about the iPad…which feels like many are seeing this device in a technological no-man’s-land in between the laptop and the smart phone. When more people get tablets like the iPad in their hands they will most likely wonder years from now how they ever functioned without them. Just think of all of the tech that was in its infancy at the start of last decade and now regarded indispensable by many of us.

I like what Steve Jobs says in his presentation about having the internet in his hands – it seems to give a far richer experience than you would on the screen of an iPhone but the portability you wouldn’t get with a laptop (it will be interesting to see how netbook sales fare when tablets get peddled by more manufacturers in 2010/11).

Picking up a tablet to browse the web quickly on the sofa or reading (watching) the news on your commute or on holiday flicking through a book….this sounds great. I’d love to see how iPad apps are embraced by companies, giving us far richer content on the move…

…talking of which, check out this video showing a publisher’s take on magazines of the future…

…with Apple’s launch of the iPad, this future can’t be too far away. Exciting stuff.


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