Mucking about with Google’s phone

Sitting in a pub after our hockey match (winning 2-0!) one of my hockey pals from the US was thumbing around with his phone…he’d just got Google’s Nexus One shipped over from the US. Now he used to worked for Google and he’s had a number of phones with the Android OS, so I’m not overly surprised he was raving about it being as good (if not better) than the iPhone. I got a bit of playtime with it and saw what he meant. HTC make nice kit and this was certainly the case with the Nexus One. Great fit in the hand with a slick finish. Nice sharp screen and speedy at the touch. Makes me wonder if I should hold out until this comes to the UK  in the Spring before I jump on the iPhone wagon (which still feels like the best thing out there at the moment)…hmmmm.


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