2011 and the year of the tablet

It looks like the iPad is starting to do what the iPhone did for the smartphone market…taking tech that has been around for a good while but making it people friendly. And in turn making the compeition get their fingure out and give the people what they want…choice.

There has been a lot of coverage of Galaxy Tab as Sumsung look to grab some of the tablet limelight from Apple. On top of a great OS in Android, there’s the ability to make phone calls and a back and front facing camera for those face to face calls. And of course, the ability to run Flash.

RIM look to be one of the next big names to get people addicted to tablets. In their case, business people . They’ll be a key demorgraphic (why they’ve called it PlayBook is a puzzler though) as they look to make the most of business’ devotion to their mobile phones. No 3G apparently…grumble!

Really exciting stuff. I’m sure 2011 will see us go crazy for tablets and realise they are more than just “big phones”. A far richer digital experience supported by an increasigly social web makes for interesting times from a design and communications perspective. Excellent.


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