Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve

NORAD continue the time honoured tradition of tracking Santa’s progress across the globe on Christmas Eve. NORAD is a great example of an organisation using social technology to raise awareness.

OK, they do have the benefit of associating themselves with a rather famous fellow in Santa Claus. But great, contextual application of technology nonetheless.

Since my post on this last year, NORAD now has nearly 600,000 peeps on their Santa Tracker Facebook page and over 46,000 followers on Twitter. These platforms giving regular updates from “Santa Cams” across the globe courtesy of YouTube, Google Maps and Google Earth. It’s great to see how technology is positioning itself amongst the traditions of Christmas. Children now checking in on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on Christmas Eve as well as laying their stocking out and getting the mince pies and brandy ready for Santa.

Last sighting of Santa’s sleigh was the International Space Station. Happy Christmas!


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