Typing on tablets

It’s been several months since my last post.  This being only my second of 2011. Tut, tut…not adhering to my (at least) one post a month policy. It’s been a busy year, what with work, work, marathons, stag dos, weddings and work. However, this isn’t the main reason for neglecting my blog.

I bought an iPad at the start of the year, having given my laptop (which I’m using to type this) to my dad – not quite one of the many “silver surfers” who are embracing social media, but potters around the www quite contently.

Along with my iPhone 4, I’ve been one well connected individual; being able to browse the web, Facebook, Tweet and read blogs on the train and on the sofa in equal measure.

So I’ve been consuming loads of online content, more than when I had a laptop. I even use it at work sometimes when needing to take notes or get quick access to apps. Great stuff. Although I use the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard in much of my day-to-day tableting I do far less typing than when I had a laptop. There’s something satisfying about the solid response to my crazy-fingure typing I get on a laptop that I don’t on a tablet.

My reasons for going tablet are in line with Nielsen’s findings in their Q1 2011 Report on mobile devices. The portability of a device that gives me good screen real estate and immediate access to apps makes life that little bit easier (every little helps!).

So I’m on the hunt for a keyboard…either by getting one of those keyboard docking stations or getting a laptop. That does make me wonder if there is a spare place between the laptop and mobile phone for the tablet. For work, planes, trains and sofas…I reckon so. If Apple provided a keyboard on the inside of an iPad case then I’d tap away plenty. And not neglect my blog so much.


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