Facebook + Google+ = chat+

I stumbled across a video from Facebook about a new function launched today. Video calling. Hot on the heels of Google+ and the “Hangout” video chat function.

Considering Mr Zuckerberg is always looking to keep the social networking giant nimble, it’s not a big surprise this has happened. Perhaps announced sooner because of Google+ but this shows that Facebook are doing plenty not to become the next MySpace (set to be sold for $35million by News Corporation…having bought them for $580million in 2005…ouch!!).

Microsoft’s involvement has proved key, with their newbie Skype getting in the mix in Facebook’s new video service. It’s certainly going to be interesting times over 2011 as we see how Google fairs in the social networking ring with Facebook.

Microsoft have seen the potential of Skype. Video calls over the www is not new, but there’s surely going to be a big move towards corporations making the most of video calls. Video’s integration with Facebook and Google+’s “Hangout” should have a big impact on video calling hitting the mainstream…and even more time being spent on Facebook by users….great news for Mr Zuckerberg and advertisers!


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