Yotel hi tech hotel

I had an unexpected stop over at Gatwick Airport on Thursday night thanks to the Gatwick Express driving most of the journey with the breaks on…smoke and then coming to a juddering halt only a few minutes outside of Gatwick…and my flight to Toulouse. An hour later, I was at the Easyjet desk looking at the next flight early doors the next morning.

Having experienced a non-sleeping stop over in Gatwick before, I much preferred the idea of a hotel. Not at prices of £130+ though. But I noticed a “Yotel” under 5 minutes walk to the check in desk. I’d heard of Simon Woodroffe’s YO! Co hotel chain a while back so thought the cubicle style hotel rooms may be reasonable. They were. Only £60 for a night with all of mod cons you need…just in a much smaller space. Genius idea inspired by the capsule rooms of Japan and a British Airways first class cabin that gave Mr YO! Co his sit up moment.

A comfy night was had thanks to simplicity, price and a great use of technology. Check in, ordering food and super duper wifi for free.

It’s still early days for Yotel, but their launch in New York City is a high coup and should shake things up in the hotel industry. Luxury and technology working together to provide a slick and simple solution to city stop overs.

I’ve GOT to get myself over to this Yotel. A corner room with all the mod cons for $200 a night. Great stuff.

Yotel is a great example of how technology can really enhance a tried and tested experience. Technology will have a huge part to play in the hotel industry and the approach taken by Yotel will be common place by the end of the decade. Robot bell boys…maybe.


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