Google Wallet

Near Field Communication (NFC)…these three words are already common place in Japan with Tokyo citizens using their mobile phones as wallets and flight tickets for over 5 years. The east looks at the west and probably wonders why the same is not happening in the big hitting cities like London and New York. It does seem odd that technology that has been mainstream for many has not been taken up by other countries. The more we do with our mobile phones, the more we’ll see them beyond just a telephone. The same way they do in Japan.

Apple have not added NFC technology to their iPhone 4S (boo hisss…but maybe they’re holding back until the iPhone 5)…but Google have looked at this with their Google Wallet. It’s a US thing at the moment, but this has such potential for consumers and retailers alike. Walk into a shop, get pinged an offer to your phone and then take that offer when you go to the check out and pay with your mobile device. Some are understandably jittery about security implications but those concerns existed when we started to purchase stuff online. Our mobile device will become an increasingly important part of our day to day. We’ve just got to make sure we don’t lose the thing!


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