There’s nothing like a good idea (esp. for the social web)

I’m a big fan of Mad Men. The agency tales of Madison Avenue in the 1960s. My dad is also an ad man (now retired) who found himself in his professional hay day in the 1960s. So I like to see agency life lived then against the agency life I live now. Some similarities, just without the liaisons, booze and cigs in the office.

I often wonder what the ad men of then would’ve made of the technology we have to hand today. I personally think my dad would have been in his element because he would have had more to help him do one thing; tell a great brand story. As would have Don Draper; although I’m not sure how he would have coped with the no smoking policies of today!

That’s because it takes more than a website, mobile app, online banner, digital display, YouTube video, Facebook Page, Twitter feed (to name a few suspects) to make a brand resonate with the right people. Especially when brands now rely on a social web where people will share what they like.

This clip from Mad Men is great. Don Draper pitching an idea to Kodak for their “Carousel” Slide Projector. Tapping into the very core of the product. Pretty much forgetting the technology.

There’s also been some nifty editing that actually swaps Kodak’s “Carousel” Slide Projector for Facebook’s new Timeline. As with Apple, Facebook  look at how technology can tap into our need to connect, share and feeling of nostalgia. Timeline is yet to roll out, but having early access to it myself I think it’s going to tap into that desire for nostalgia, increase the amount of time spent on Facebook and drive more ad $$$ towards Mr Z and gang.


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