Google+ Pages making businesses more social

Big news from Google today means great news for businesses who want to become more sociable on the web. Google+ Pages gives businesses and brands another corner of the web to build, and engage with, communities.

And the chance to leverage Google’s huge ability to sort through information on the web with a social platform. Google+ Direct Connect shows how the social experience can be fully integrated into the web. Excellent.

Google+ Pages are now open to all (Google themselves of course, and The Muppets are two examples….but the numbers will be rocketing as the day passes) but how the likes of Hangout will be applied to Pages is a little unclear at the moment.

What’s for sure is the social experience brands can get on Facebook is fully opened to the web with Google+. This should prove hugely popular for brands and Google could well trump Facebook when it comes to integrating businesses and brands with the social web. The openness of Twitter with the varied functionality of Facebook.

“Businesses don’t make people happy. People do.” That’s the spirit.


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