Social recruiting?

ComScore recently (Dec 2011) cited social networking as the dominant activity online: An 82% reach into the online population and 1 in every 5 web minutes being spent getting social.

So it’s understandable that brands are falling over themselves to dip into the 1.2 billion potential customers. And future employees.

It’s still relatively early days for the social web with both businesses and users finding their feet in a far more open and connected world. As we become increasingly active online we begin to leave a trail leading recruiters to the person behind the CV. The ability to show our personal and professional selves online is yet to be fully realised by many of the 1.2 billion socially active onliners, but we’re surely not far from that traditional CV being filed away under history.

Recruiters are increasingly looking at the social web to find that right candidate….often using it ultimately like a candidate database to verify the validity of candidates (check out the video below) or cherry pick from a database of CVs (think LinkedIn’s InMail and how you can message members who fit your search criteria). Understandable, but there’s surely more to come before social recruiting truly lives up to its name. There are people to meet, conversations to be had and things to learn and share on the web these days; all to help us connect with the people behind the brand. And the recruiter.



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