QR codes bring Tesco stores to South Koreans

A colleague spoke at a Google event last week and was shown a rather fantastic use of QR codes. Tesco (known as Home plus in South Korea) needed to increase market share while they had far less stores than the market leader, E-mart. They came up with a quality idea…bring the stores to people who are cash rich but time poor. If you spend as much time as I do waiting for that train during your commute then you should love this as much as I do.

With so many QR codes popping up all over the place in the UK, it’s nice to see a QR code campaign that actually uses the technology in the right way. Making people’s lives easier rather than interrupting their day with irrelevant calls to action. This campaign also shows how advanced South Korea is when it comes to their digital infrastructure. The sooner the UK gets anywhere close to South Korea the better (and the easier my life will be while I’m hanging around for that next train!).


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