The web is shaking up the learning landscape

Accessibility to education should be a right. Not a privilege. The web will have a significant impact on accessibility to education. Access to a professor at Wharton School or Princeton University whether you can afford it or not. Excellent. Online learning not only addresses accessibility but sharing of knowledge and learning experiences. Not in a classroom on a particular day with a small group of classmates, but online with thousands of peers from across the globe. are taking significant steps to break down the old school barriers to learning. Good on them. Daphine Koller talks at TED about her work on Coursera. Another great talk at TED (they just keep coming):

Her talk goes some way to showing the web is going to democratisation information in the way the printing press did. Leading to a 21st Century Enlightenment…and the world’s next intellectual growth spurt. I hope.

I was so inspired that I’ve signed up to a few course already.


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