MIT & Harvard help democratize learning

This is another great example of the power of a more social web. edX is another initiative (along with the likes of Coursera, Khan Academy, iTunes U and Udacity) that is making education more accessible to the masses. Learning of the MOOC variety (Massive Open Online Course). This is something I’ve been aware of a lot recently in my work (amongst many things we do education marketing) and I’ve even been one of the 1.4 million students around the world taking part in the Coursera experiment.

What will this mean for higher education? Well, interesting times. And more choice for prospective students. Meaning even greater competition for education providers.

But there’s also a great opportunity to look at the model of learning and how higher education is delivered. Face to face teaching is left to select online sessions and high value time in the lecture room is just that. Academics make better use of their time and have a wider reach. The revenue potential of giving access to high quality learning online is far greater than anything that can squeeze into a lecture centre.

When I first got excited by social media (quite a few years ago now!) I said the social web was about democratizing information. What is happening now is a perfect example of that.



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