Facebook’s newsfeed changes keeps them (and us) moving

“Move fast and break things”…known to be words on the (actual) walls of Facebook as their unofficial motto. Changing fast by trying, adapting and learning is part of a hacking mentality that was once just developer speak and is now the driving force of companies who want to flex to the ever adapting markets in which they operate. Evolving to an ever changing world is as crucial to businesses today as it has ever been.

So it’s not surprising that Facebook have yet another change to their platform. A news feed redesign being rolled out slowly but surely across the Facebook world.  Check out this video if you’ve not seen it already.

It looks like the Instagram boffins have been involved as Facebook have improved the richness of posts by giving them more pixel space and have made it easier for users to find their friends’ and brands’ content. Mobile is key too (I was at the Internet World Conference last week and they said mobile was the key to getting 2 billion users).

No doubt this will keep brands out of breath just as they think they’ve finished their race to Facebook marketing perfection. But it should mean more thought and attention goes toward what is posted on their Facebook Pages. This can only be good for users (the people all marketeers should never forget).

No doubt too this will annoy many users again…as they object to change and wish for the very design they objected to the last time (!).

As Facebook grows from impetuous start up to corporate giant (they turn 10 years old next year!) they defy their years by continuing to show the exuberance of youth that is not being scared to try new things. It’s an attitude that  successful business has these day.


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