Fallon and Obama get the internet and show how to create great content

So if you want to get your brand in front of people do you just run a “this what we have to offer you…” advert? Not if you understand the internet.

I was in California for the last 2 weeks (Honeymoon…amazing) and saw two great examples of people/brands who understand the internet.

First up….Jimmy Fallon. The host of The Tonight Show. He moved his show from New York back to LA for a week and told people about this by doing his own version of The Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme tune. With guest appearances from Carlton Banks and Jazzy Jeff, he does this genius video. The result was over 8 million video views. Brilliant.

Then there’s Mr President, Barack Obama. In 2008 he won the election, in part, thanks to his ahead-of-the-curve understanding of social media. Last week, he proved he’s still got it. The Healthcare Act has been a contentious one in the US and with the deadline for enrollment fast approaching, he worked with Buzzfeed to produce this funny but impactful video.

Talk about a politician who understands popular culture. I can’t see many other politicians who could do this. Maybe our very own Boris Johnson.

Having an inherent understanding of what your audiences like seems such an obvious “must have” in a 101 of advertising, but it’s often ignored. Jimmy and Barack certainly don’t when it comes to creating great content for the web.


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