It’s Christmas Eve (already!) so it means NORAD are well into their annual tradition: Track Santa. It’s become a bit of a tradition for me and my family now for 4 years (mainly for the young ones, of course).

The story behind the relationship between NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defence Command) and Santa is a cute one. Now they have continued to capture the spirit of Christmas splendidly with social technology.

They have used FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube and a website getting kids (big and small) into the Christmas spirit and keeping them posted on where Santa’s sleigh is on Christmas Eve. “Santa Cams” are dotted across the globe and allow NORAD to post updates and videos of Santa and his reindeer. This has brought a tradition to life, thanks to the social web.

OK, so NORAD is fortunate to have a link with the big man himself but this is a great example of how they have used technology  to help raise awareness of some great work that so often goes unseen by the public.

So if you (sorry, I mean your kids/grandkids or nephews/nieces) want to Track Santa, this is is a good place to start.

I’m currently tracking the big man while watching mediocre Christmas Eve TV. Happy Christmas! 🙂


Fireside with Lil BUB at Christmas

If you’re without cat and roaring fireplace this Christmas then this video does the Yule-Tide trick. Grab a cuppa (or alcoholic equivalent) and run an hour of snap, crackle and purr from one of the famous felines of YouTube. Lil BUB. Over 800,000 people have done that since Wednesday. It’s must be beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

#xmasjammies use social media to spread Xmas joy (and promote a business)

So you want to tell people about your busy 2013, spread some Christmas joy and how you’re going into business with your wife.

Penn Holderness (local network TV anchor) wanted to do this. And he has done it most splendidly. Take the cringe-worthy tradition of the annual family letter, a willingness to dance, a rather popular Will Smith tune and an understanding of what makes the web social and you have this excellent video.

Within a week there have been over 12 million views of their #xmasjammies video on YouTube. Greenroom Communications (story telling video production and digital marketing) have drank their own medicine in buckets. And they’ll be better off for doing so. Who doesn’t love Xmas Jammies? I love mine.