Apple Watch: The real journey of wearables starts here

Slick and sleek design as you’d expect of Apple. A comprehensive companion to your iPhone. A solid starting point for app developers.

The Apple Watch may be a work in progress, but it looks like Apple will top yet another table in their product categories.

It will be interesting to see the uptake on 24th April and how everything unfolds over the year. I think this is where the real journey of wearable tech starts.

I’ll look forward to looking back at this post in 12-24 months to see where we are with wearable technology.


iPhone “4G” it is then…

So a careless Apple employee left their iPhone 4G in a bar and the next thing we see is Gizmodo getting their hands on it. With Apple demanding they get their new toy back, this looks to be the bona fide find. Love the look of the kit and with a front camera (video calls…sweet!), 5 megapix camera looking to be some of the new additions I’ve decided to go down the iPhone path when it comes out in the summer.